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Book- Mind Control

First book plans

Just wanted to share this so that people can call me an idiot and help me solidify my arguments.
I thought I just would update this chapter outline a bit more for those with interest in the piece. I am having a big transition chapters where research was needed to be done, so the third chapter has been taking longer to create and so will the fourth. I still plan to finish by the end of August.

Mind Control Theory:
Introduction to conspiracy – This will start the entrance to the ideas of what conspiracy theories are with the intention of opening the doors as to the reasoning behind why they exist.
Plato’s Cave Allegory – What I am doing here is introducing the basis for the idea that the Greeks developed Christian thought and predicted the reaction of a Jesus long before the time had come.
Alexander the Wanderer – The purpose of this section is to not only to implant the Greek in Jewish history but to explain the significance around him and his relationship with Aristotle
Nero, Constantine and Augustine —> Martin Luther – What I would like to be done in this section is talk around how mysticism has always been the turning point but also in how the Roman Emperors came to such restoration after the fall of the Pax
Max Weber’s Iron Bar Cages – I see the iron bars as a modern cave allegory. What I want to mention mainly is the Protestant impact on the freedoms that arrived in their era and how it relates to these cages.
Caesar’s Messiah – (terrible documentary but idea has basis) what I would like to discuss here is the ‘conspiracy’ theory around Jesus never existing.
Might is right/Wealth is might – the history based from Classic Myth and the control purposes of Usury
Nonsensical movements – I will speak on the current events and how they do not add up. Also will be a comparison with movements in the past that we know, mainly with comparisons to Jesus’ demonstrations
Pharisees – This section will talk about the ideas of not just the High Priest and why Catholic texts sometimes still speak upon his word as authority but as to why the Talmuds exist.
Relation to Satanism and ‘the fourth Aeon’ – In this section I do want to directly call out Crowley’s “The Book of the Law”. Here will be mentioned on how satan 1) always asks for permission and 2) is seen as an agent for God.
Close on rationality and how the ‘control’ is both sensible and avoidable


I’m beginning this writing piece at the end of June of 2020. This happens to be the middle of the most chaotic world I’ve been alive for. Media has been frightening the world into submission for longer than I can recall – they probably always have been. Now should be the ending of a ‘global pandemic’. People are arguing about whether a second wave will come or not but what’s important is that Covid-19 completely blew the cover of global corruption and began this current world wide awakening. Currently the country south of me, the United States of America has a complete zone in a major city that is completely walled off from the rest and have instilled their own ‘police force’. Interesting though, because their main demand is to abolish the police.1 The people in charge are doing this under the disguised movement of ‘Black Lives Matter’.2 Because this statement is very clear to the Christian country the public opinion of this from those with a reasonable IQ level believes that this is an extension of a foreignly funded organization trying to break our society. Unfortunately most of the people who realize this get stuck in the rabbit holes of conspiracy theories which dominate on the basis that Jewish bankers are funding wars all around the world for their own benefit. This has developed over the years surrounding the Balfour Declaration.3 Simply stated, this was a document coming from the British government stating they support giving Palestine to the control of the Jewish people to a Rothschild. Eerily calling him ‘Lord’. With the current state of the world nearly everyone seems to be plunged into a state of introspection, including myself. The problem is that no one seems capable of making a real lasting change that can positively impact the world. The media has successfully made believing in conspiracy theories a negative thing socially so most people are unwilling to explore deep. It is of my opinion that whoever currently is funding and organizing these crises world-wide are simply being manipulated by another person or people. This can be the only way everything can make sense. The best thing is that anyone can overcome the mental powers above them. This book will be my best description of how one could do this while I describe how it could be possible with history in deep consideration. Becoming a rational explanation for the accumulation of the most ridiculous and reasonable conspiracies and how they could relate to current events. 

Do not fall for the new world order. 


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There’s a lot of speculation here. As if you are on the precipice of a discovery. Trying to push propaganda out of your mind. And yet you have fallen for the equally pushed and funded propaganda campaign in support of the police and the current status quo, represented by the upper echelons of the wealthy. But where some people would have you believe that those upper echelons are a specific “ethnic group” or nationality”. (Things which hold shaky and every-changing definitions at best) When in actuality the upper echelons are exactly what they are and we know them to be: the wealthy. Under our current system, what its pursued more than anything is profit. There doesn’t have to be any sort of perverted incentive separate from that because the profit motive is in itself, immoral. It is profitable to start wars and fund contracts with taxpayer money. It is profitable to make news media both against and in favour of popular discourse in order to push brands into the common talking space of everyday happenings. Its profitable to advertise by stirring up fears and angers, whether it be against “anarchist marxist jews” as fox news and brietbart and info wars have done. Or to demean the current sitting president of the US for his rudeness and unpopular decisions as the Democratic party and CNN have done. But one thing you will never see a mainstream news outlet talk about, is alternatives. Alternatives to the basic system we find ourselves in. Changes in foreign policy, changes in the motivation of government and economics. The removal of the profit motive will never be proposed by either side when they themselves are propped up by it. The entrenchment of these people, and the topics of their discussion don’t have to be manipulated, and misreported. Its been there all along. We’ve never had to be mind controlled through 5G or fluorine in the water. We don’t need to find an alternative cause for these things. These things that happen, that governments do, that companies do, that the world does. These things that don’t seem to help anyone or make anything better. Its not a conspiracy, its the function of capitalism. Its the profit motive. Its not the fault of specific ethnic or religious or any kind of genetic group. Its everyone, being offered no alternative to the system then the profit motive. And anyone who dares too, will have the country go to war with them. The reason these conspiracies are the most popular, and are allowed to breed: Conspiracies of Jews and Brain washing, is because those conspiracies can come to fruition without threatening profits. Movements to actually overthrough profit motive in favour of human need, have always been stopped in their tracks. This is why conspiracies are dangerous. You don’t need to speculate to discover the underlying issues found in every day society, or how to fix them. The problems are presented to you clearly every living moment, but simply treated as if they are good. And the solutions, are unilaterally presented as dangerous.

You seem to have dove into thoughts past the ones I presented. It’s not that they aren’t related but some things don’t matter. I’m not sure if you are aware, but Christianity was the overthrowing of merchants controlling the Jewish people and Christians dominated the world for a long time and still do in large part. To think that there are no conspiracies in the World is naive, there have been countless recorded in history. If you read the introduction you will see there are many reasons why the Jews are the forerunners. There are more that entail the Freemason’s and their involvement with the creation of the United States. Openly Ben J was one, and they love the chance to mention it.

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