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Book- Mind Control

Introduction to Conspiracies

This is the first working chapter of my short book. With the influx of bans regarding free speech on the internet I thought I should type this up.

I’m going to edit this to be slightly different.
next two chapters:

June 29th, 2020

Introduction to Conspiracy

Long before I was born the largest grand conspiracy of the world’s control had been exposed. Most will point to the second world war but it all began back during the Protestant reformation. This was the stronghold continued by Martin Luther after his excommunication from the Catholic Church. What he officially was excommunicated for was showcasing the Church’s practice of usury, which is the same thing that led to Jesus’ crucifixion. Luther wrote his final piece titled ‘The Jews and Their Lies’. In the very introduction he states “those miserable, wicked people do not cease trying to win over to themselves us, that is, the Christians”.1 The continued book goes on to detail how the Catholics will never be able to convince the Jewish people of this Christian faith. It’s a direct call that he did his best, and for us continued to stop enabling their evil behaviour. Because of Luther’s excommunication there was an order to burn all of his works so the people wouldn’t be able to realize the complete value behind these works until the Protestants had left off to found the United States of America. They, and their country shares what was Martin Luthers “intensified awareness of freedom” which he had that began his attack against the Pope and the Church.2 History as it appears shows that only these protestants are the only ones who actually analyzed the response from the Pope and why they were so willing to break away from the Catholics. Something we all hate today are political reasonings, which was why the Church excommunicated him. Martin Luther would describe spells of being in depression and anguish which led to him to his grief and realization that he must stand up to the Church.3 This timeframe was likely when he was establishing his intimate relationship with God. Socrates’ had this divine voice experience which he described as the reason he cannot be in politics as it would have him killed.4 This voice was already confirmed not just as ‘good’ but a Holy act, “This Grace of God working in the very interior of our will is irresistible… Only those who receive this grace are saved; those who do not are damned.”5 Augustine’s work was founded on the basis of not denying unholy acts by those in power inside of the Church. This leads me to think that he was the reasoning for Pope Leo X’s most important line in the Exsurge Domine “Christians must be taught to cherish excommunications rather than to fear them.”6

Only in recent times have the Jewish people reclaim Israel as their nation state.7 In fact for most of history they are written as immoral characters. Some believe the modern ‘wizard’ look takes after the pointed hat Jewish people use to wear.8 Something to think about when you remember the history of burning witches and how they got grouped into the same category. They have always been known for manipulation and have been kicked out of over numerous locations worldwide and have been known to be “tolerated”.9 Despite all this, the Catholic Church surprised the world in 1962 with the second Vatican Council. These ecumenical councils are gatherings of all the world’s Bishops to decide on official Catholic teaching.10 This Vatican Council by far had the most impact on the Church. Absolutely flipping major beliefs, the most controversial topic being on the need to forgive the Jewish people. What we are told is that the reasoning for this council being called was the mass amounts of deaths from world war 1, world war 2, the Holocaust and ‘Cold War’ tensions. This made the 20th century the bloodiest century in human history. Although all of this certainly had much of an impact I feel the deaths of millions of Christians in Stalin’s Russia was much more important to the people. It feels like a purposeful switch of attention. I have been taught that the Holocaust has been the most tragic event in all of history because of the way six million died. The Russian gulags, and millions more of Christians dead, seems to never make its way into solidified curriculum at schools. From my own home province I had a grandmother get sent home to Germany to serve time in jail just for denying the Holocaust.11 Most people don’t even know about how many Christians died in Russia during the 1930’s yet it’s a crime punishable with jail time to deny the Holocaust’s events. When I say too, deny, I mean even question. Most known ‘Holocaust-deniers’ are actually just critical of the information about the Holocaust, and not ones who state that the Jews were not exterminated or treated poorly. This is the true beginning for why all conspiracy theories are destined to lead to ‘the Jew’ controlling our peoples and governments. 

What this has become to those who identify as conspiracy theorists is this awful false dichotomy. Making you choose a side of evil vs good groups of people when in reality the decider isn’t even known. When you first are introduced into conspiracy theories the masses first point to you how the leaders of political parties are chosen by them. This is why Americans get pushed so hard into conspiracy, they run the two party system. Most people pick sides, left vs right wing even though most people have the political opinions of a moderate. The answer to this false dichotomy of who will be in control is hidden in the choice no one can make. Thankfully the idea of Jewish control isn’t a consensus among the people. This leads to the hidden influences in charge simply being referred to as ((they)) in the online communities. People, masters of symbolism have mastered this as well. What must be taken note in this symbol is the multiple parentheses around the word they. This is to make you know that it is layers of systems and not one person in control. I say this because the other scare since the Holocaust has been a scare of authoritarian control. We can see this developing with the Koreas. After the wars Korea was split in two, one north and one south. What North Korea has developed into is the isolationist state that Germany wanted to be. They are known as a unity-one-party socialist republic.12 I’m certain your first thoughts regarding North Korea are only poor images. Images that state they can’t even feed their people, but how long have they been ‘starving’ for? We actually have such little knowledge of what’s going on inside their country that we believe what our Western news tells us, as it’s the only source. Comedians Seth Rogan and James Franco made a movie to point out the humor in hypocritical thinking when it comes to the nation of North Korea.13 This movie is the story of a newscaster who has a dream of delivering real news to the people instead of celebrity headlines. They put broad humor in the opening skit where they have Eminem declare that he is a homosexual nonchalantly. This is another layered joke, the real joke is the media and people who are taking Eminem seriously. Eminem has had discussions about his thoughts on gay people publicly for so long that he even developed an intimate and public relationship with the star Elton John.14 In this movie Seth and James get a chance to interview the leader of North Korea and become extremely excited until the US government forces them to assassinate the leader if they are to go. What happens from here on out is fairly irrelevant. The purpose was to showcase how the people in media are simply used as tools. They are the tools of the manipulators. Everyone in the West, and perhaps the entire world, found this mission to assassinate a world leader as funny while the media has mocked President Trump for his handling of affairs with North Korea and constantly put on the charade that Trump was about to start a nuclear war.15 This tool is the answer to the false dichotomies inside of global domination. No, the world’s powers are not authoritarian governments and no there isn’t a worldwide conspiracy involving every Jewish person that contributes to the same people. The truth is the ones in control of our livelihoods are our puppet masters. We will never see them engage, we will never hear their names. They won’t ever have to show their face to the world.


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Eh. I think its pretty average. Very random references and distractions. Define and cite one party Republic? That’s just trying to be pretentious lmao

Its good but gets long winded about the North Korean movie – I was hoping to read revelations about the NK government but instead I got an interpretation/review of a shallow low effort hollywood comedy piece

To the author – don’t waste time with references and analogies, especially those in pop culture, just stick to descriptions and interpretations of documented events and circumstances.

The very core of your writing while sounding reasonable originally, did not really work well with me after some time. Somewhere throughout the sentences you managed to make me a believer but only for a while. I nevertheless have a problem with your jumps in logic and you might do nicely to help fill in those breaks. In the event you can accomplish that, I will undoubtedly be amazed.

Thanks! Do you think you could tell me more of how “but only for a while”, was this days after or within the same day/night?

This chapter I sort of rushed a bit to put up, I have a slight plan change to turn this into four structured paragraphs instead of the three that it currently is. With the idea of “jumps” turns a lot more into the immersion into the idea of flow. You can see in the next chapter “Plato’s Allegory” that I mentioned Alexander the Great a mere one time, and when I was doing the final editing I didn’t even know why I felt the need to put it in, but as I continued the research for transitioning from Greek Philosophy to Roman Catholicism I found great importance on Alexander and now actually am changing the third chapter to simply be on Alexander and Aristotle’s affect on him, with the planned third chapter to be chapter four.

I won’t lie, I called the local Freemason’s where I live and asked them about this piece and the next chapter I’m writing to see if they had interest in the works and the chair I was speaking to had his voice notably change in interest when I spoke on Jesus being a mortal who martyred himself and that Alexander fulfilled Judaic/Egyptian prophecy before He ever did. I’m curious to see if you would say the same thing about the second chapter on Plato and his allegory of the cave. https://seanald.ca/platos-allegory/

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