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I hate Gina Linetti

This annoying caricature of the modern “mean girl” that gets accepted ruins the fuck out of Brooklyn 99.

Why? She’s annoying on surface level and completely disgusting the further you look into who she is in the show.

Her entire character is based upon needing to bully the rest of the office- a place where her hierarchical position is at the lowest. It’s seen very common with how much she bullies Amy throughout the show. Amy’s character is the antithesis of who Gina is.

The episode “Beach House” which is episode 12 of season 2 perfectly exemplifies her need to bring down those above her. At this point in the show we already see that despite how rudely Gina treats other people in the show, and particularly Amy, she still tries to ‘make friends’. One of Gina’s destructive behaviors is casually hooking up, there’s an episode where her psychic friend predicts her to have a romantic encounter with a man named john? and then it shows a flash to her taking shots at a bar and turning around asking if anyone here is named John.

One of this episodes main plot lines is Gina attempting to get Amy to get to the point of “six drink” Amy, and again manipulates her, by saying, “maybe this is the Amy I could be friends with”. As you see in the episode, Amy eventually gets to this point. When Amy does though, what you see is her crying and Gina’s reaction is to be ‘upset’ about it, she’s not really though, and that’s why she takes care of Amy for the rest of the episode. What Gina wanted though, was to see Amy, a flipped version of herself who was born with opportunity, crumble and go to the same self destructive behaviors that Gina herself goes to, like casual hooking up as we see multiple times with Gina. It’s a continued joke even from the start of season 2 where the sexual hook up of Boyle and Gina becomes a recurring joke.

The worst part is how her sexual harassment is even on the show at all. To a point where it makes me so bothered I just skip episodes where she has a lot of lines. Nothing is more disgusting than her repetitive comments to the Sargent played by Terry Crews. A very muscular black man that Gina frequently fawns over and abuses as a sexual object, and not only does it happen, it gets enabled by other people in the show including Amy. In one episode Amy and Terry are trying to help Gina get more interested in astronomy as she is struggling with her school course. Near the end of the episode they realize they need to help Gina by using something she is interested in, which is dance. When Amy and Terry go to show this to Gina, she agrees to watch but only “if Terry takes his shirt off”, and he does, and then we find out that she already took her test. In the episode “Terry Kitties” he even has a line in response to Gina’s comments, “I’d like an HR person to remind everyone about workplace boundaries.” She also constantly tries to body shame Boyle, an episode where she asks “on a scale of Boyle to Terry”

Terry Crews was coming out about sexual abuse in Hollywood publicly why was this continued to be put in? yuck

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You realize the show is a comedy right? Like her character is supposed to be a joke?


The nitpicking. If that’s the case everyone on the show is horrible. Or are you ignoring Rosa displayed NUMEROUS of times both physical VIOLENCE and verbal ABUSE towards coworkers. Boyle continuously asking Rosa out despite Rosa making it VERY clear she wasn’t interested is considered harassment. Terry’s character has displayed anger issues as well. All of the characters have been bullies to Hitchcock and Scully, pointing them out as disgusting, stupid, etc is not okay.

Guess they’re all horrible people!

Hey ! You’re correct actually. I wrote about how I view this as contemporary mythology in my post titled ‘Jake Peralta King of the 99’.

Heros in myth have a lot of controversy around being called heroes and there is actually a myth about an artist who challenged a goddess and portrayed crimes that the gods committed. (Story of Arachne)

I have a qualm with the current public ideological view of social justice that states that you can’t make someone feel bad. True change will always require this. (John 15:18).

The thing about Rosa’s display of ‘violence & abuse’ is that it’s usually well hearted and this is just her only way of her being capable of showing this. It’s actually the first story line with her character and that’s what the theme is behind her and Boyle’s ‘relationship’ in the beginning of the series.

i.e. Rosa – no it’s not, she’s often very physically and verbally abusive for the sake of it, because it’s “who she is” (which is not excuse) and NEVER faces repercussions for her actions. Quit trying to justify her behavior. And like I said, a lot of the characters of B99 when you look at them are actually awful people, not just Gina.

Why are you upset that I like Rosa but not Gina? Do you consider yourself a Gina? Your end sentence seems to argues that you think you could hate anyone who isn’t accountable for their actions. Which is why I hate Gina and not Rosa.

Remember the Jimmy Jabs games when no one would speak up to Captain Holt but she did and then got the position to run the gigglepig task force?

I have never watched this show nor do I intend to but FYI – everyone and everything on television is awful.

It is meant to demoralize you.

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