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Jesus The Individual

This is an academic styled paper based on the wisdom of Socrates.

I do plan on clarifying how my thoughts came to this conclusion.

Jesus Christ was the most impactful person in history. He did this by becoming humanity’s first true individual. What I mean by this is that he was the first to claim himself God, rather than to defer to one’s authority. There have been people close, Socrates likely being the closest. He too, like Jesus, accepted death as the greatest option for himself.1 The difference being still, that Socrates deferred to the divine spirits when confronted about being an atheist. Christ’s time came just before the death of Julius Caesar, while the planning for Augustus to establish the Pax Romana was being set in place.2 This ‘happened’ to be Jesus’ leverage. In Mel Gibson’s dramatic movie The Passion of the Christ, Jesus tells the Roman (Pontius Pilate) in charge that the only power he has over him is given to him from himself. Which is true- he was only sent to death from fear of causing an uproar in the Jewish community that would show Augustus he was not worthy of his post.3 This is exploiting man’s greatest fear, we know it today as ‘imposter syndrome’, which is the externalized fear of being exposed as a fraud.4 Of course this is the same thing used on the High Priest. He was scared of Jesus, worried that if he was let go he would ‘violently’ demonstrate and involve the Romans, which could cost him his position as the High Priest. This fear comes from the forced loyalties they had to their morals that came from their authorities- which is how they rose to their position of power. In The Passion of the Christ, when Jesus is first confronted by the Roman who decides his fate he is first asked if he is the King of the Jews, and he retorts by confronting his individuality. Jesus asks “Does this question come from you?” and the answer is, no. This scene seems wildly confrontational, but the Roman went in with doubt as his wife warned him not to harm Jesus, and he decides not to. The decision is simply to defer the decision to another authority, because he knows the Jewish people will not be satisfied.5 This is how Jesus has mortal-power over him.6 From the time Jesus is brought in to be questioned by the High Priest his act of careful submission to expose the illusions in the logic behind the Elders started. How they captured, and forced Jesus here was by greedily bribing one of his Apostles and then risked having a rushed trial before passover to take care of the situation. From here is a mental battle between Christ and the most powerful authoritative powers; religious and government. As they both are conflicted with the truth- that they have no proper authority to convict Jesus, but if they don’t they will lose their power. All three of these figures are trying to stand their ground. The Jewish people get threatened with the release of Barabass, a serial killer that has already been set to be executed instead of Jesus; and so the High Priest says, so free him, the crowd of Jews begin demanding it with rage. The High Priest is putting on the facade of having highest moral superiority, to keep the in-direct power he has over the Roman rule to force his hand. The Romans were surprised, Jesus was not. The Roman powers give in to the Jewish demands and they commit their first sin and lash Jesus until the Jewish leaders walk away in satisfaction. After this Jesus first falls to the ground onto his knees but then rises to take more punishment. The workers now feel inadequate because they could not force him to submit- which is their duty, so they continue until he appears as if he is about to die stopped.7 This is the way of evil. They have let their inner demons- the one’s fighting good inside his consciousness control them and disobey their higher orders. The evil is in tricking yourself into feeling righteous. When Pontius ‘washes his hands’ (Matthew 27:24) before allowing his crucifixion it was the acknowledgement that the higher powers wanted this to happen. According to the laws formed around him by the gods, this must be the most righteous act. To join in His Kingdom you must have the mental fortitude when confronted and accused of the worst wrongdoings. To wash your hands symbolically before committing an act, even of neglect, would be to admit you are not in full control of your being. Jesus was always in control of his crucifixion. Just before Pontius gives in to his demons telling him not to allow this Jesus reminds him, “You have no power over me except what is given you from above… Therefore, it is he who delivered me to you who has the greater sin.”8 

The Catholic tradition all relies on the resurrection of Jesus on the third day by God. This makes him the human living incarnation of God.9 This means during his life he may have simply been a mortal human. So, we must be forced to ask what is Christianity then? Well it would be to follow Jesus Christ’s doctrine. It wasn’t until his final prayers after The Last Supper that Jesus was certain this to be his destiny. His prayers in the movie are symbolized with Jesus and a hooded figure constantly asking questions his-self. Combined with two  separate but connected identities to Jesus as a human; making the hooded figure being Jesus’ self pleading to God.10 No questions are ever answered. This is because Socrates was right about his inner ‘no’ voice that he claimed to be the Oracle. It was in fact God, and that’s who Jesus was also calling to and because he was never told no he knew it was time for the greatest act of power humanity’s ever witnessed. Normally the feeling Jesus was searching for in prayer would come in some sort of overwhelming emotional gut-feeling including a visual or noise which was described by Socrates in Plato’s Apology.11 Jesus tells us that how he searches for what is fair is by searching his heart. This is why prayer is his inner dialogue constantly searching for a final verdict on how to act. What’s in our heart, is just an expression of our feelings which are unlocked deep in our consciousness.12 Since his death we have the truth revealed- that only the Spirit can overcome our human nature. This is why he passes the Spirit on to his Apostles before ascending (John 20:22). It’s now onto them to spread it across humanity in time and this is because sin will never end until the Jewish people can be convinced of the Messiah. Jesus Christ’s revelation was that man has already gained the capacity to overcome their unconscious; and it seems possible that God too is suspect of Imposter Syndrome, as he now is offering humanity ascension to His greatness if they choose humanity, as now he is worried he may lose to the devil. I feel that Mel Gibson portrayed this in the Passion when he had the High Priest confront Jesus while he was on the cross, because he knew that a mortal-man could never escape from this position- and his unconscious tells him to risk this because if Jesus is not the Messiah he will retain the control the Jewish people cannot afford to lose. Of course, if he is the Messiah- he too was brought to this decision by a power higher than him, which can only be God himself. This seems like a last ditch effort by the devil to keep evil on Earth- but it has seemed to convince us slowly that we mustn’t  believe in a God to be peaceful. 

In Western culture today we still seem to believe in a good vs evil. Unfortunately it is described openly in politics as left vs right wing, truly sad because good and evil are inside all of us. The Sociologist George Mead developed a working theory around the basis that his inner developing philosophy was based on two character versions of his inner-’self’ that he named “I and Me”.13 What he is describing is the battle that is taking place in all of our inner consciousness. This definitely seems a very confusing idea to many but it seems that Socrates had figured it out before His arrival. Socrates was able to tame his inner demon to completely trust only the ‘no’ voice. In his words “The sign is a voice which comes to me and always forbids me to do something which I am going to do, but never commands me to do anything”.14 I would find this interesting if I were a Catholic, as the only one of the Ten Commandments that expects behavior is honouring thy father and mother, I suggest a mistranslation. It was meant to be thy Father and Mother, for God, and Mother Nature. The reason for this commandment is because they make up the two beings in your Holy Trinity. For Jesus, Mother Nature was Mary, who had the undying devotional love that comes from being a mother and Jesus would not have been able to complete this task without her. God was Socrates ‘no’ voice, and he was Jesus’. As humans we take His place, leaving Mother Nature as the second and active voice in our consciousness. As seen with the Greeks in Athens we did overcome Mother Nature, and even in our hearts with Socrates, but it was only through faith in God. There was a radical change between the Greeks and Romans in politics and this was established as Jesus lived. Augustus was planning to attempt the Pax and something he found necessary was to restore religion, and out of seemingly nowhere, thrust women into politics by making his wife Livia a voice in politics in the public eye. If all things have meaning according to God’s plan we must take this as something to consider. Jesus taught to us that to share in his divinity we needed to do so through marriage.15 It seems to be possible that this is because a difference between man and woman is the ability to believe in something unknown. We can’t respect Classical Mythology but also ignore the misogyny and the role of the Amazons, because Classical Mythology is what led to Roman influence bringing Catholicism to the world.  

In our modern day we have been so lost from religion in Western culture that a lot of people couldn’t tell you the difference in being a Christian or a Catholic. What the Catholic Church has done is separate being a Christian into multiple groups. The first were Jesus’ disciples, known as the early Christians. They claim their foundation to be when the Holy Spirit was passed on the Apostles by Jesus, which means that even in their definition, Christians, can be explicit from Catholics.16 This is important for people in the modern day to know because the Protestant reformation’s main catalyst was on freeing Christians who felt trapped by the Catholic Church.17 This reformation changed the Christian landscape more than ever. Unfortunately it has left a bitter resentment against the Catholics. Because what the Church is, is an institution that is designed around bringing people to Christ, and by truly following their teachings you can, anyone. What seems to be a mistake by the Catholic Church was forcing all people that they needed to believe that a mysterious entity was the reason for their prosperity, as we can see with Athens, and Socrates, is that man can find such salvation on their own. Martin Luther felt the strong inner urge to and did state that the Pope was taking control of the Church and abusing the afterlife for wealth.18 Luther wasn’t going back down from this decision and the Pope knew it, as God had been controlling Martin Luther. The Spirit was the voice standing up and forcing the monk to command gruffly that the Church cease their actions at once.19 This is why in the Pope’s only official response by the Church in regards to the drama that had been stirred up by Luther included the subtle notion to support his choices “Christians must be taught to cherish excommunications rather than to fear them.”20 Fulfilling his role of uniting all Christians. It seems the hate for the Church has only grown since then. Protestants are beginning to dominate the West, which has gone away from the roots of Catholic teaching. It’s at a point today where it’s believed by some in the Church that some people will never accept a God.21 This has left Christian theologians to declare our society fractured and start to search for such solutions.22 I’d like to argue that the meaning we are searching for needs to come from the desire to find an answer that isn’t dependent on the actual force of an unknown entity because then none of us have found our own Kingdom on Earth which is what we expect Heaven to be. Why in Heaven would I be with a wife I hate? The Catholic Church would tell us that we mustn’t divorce her but when we create the bond to a Priest they have us say ‘till death do us part’.23 This is why women were pushed into politics in this era and Augustus was restoring Classic mythological principles. The problem We have always been trying to overcome has been within Mother nature itself.24 Women before Christ were the Heroes’ motivation to establish our societies and with consideration of the Amazonian myths and how Eden was the one to eat the apple we should take it that women are naturally dialled into questioning nature- or their Mother.25 I feel safe to argue that Heroes’ unique nature was to constantly go against their consciousness. This is why Jesus told us the only way to reach his Kingdom was through marriage between man and woman. It was symbolic of humanity’s need to consistently fight with nature- this was represented as their partner in marriage and the unconscious because he had to leave Himself markers the same ones we are taught to look for- the ones that helped Socrates achieve eternal wisdom (John 4:48).

Jesus had predicted his death and warned the evildoers that they will not be saved when He catches the Prince. “Anyone who loves their life will lose it, while anyone who hates their life in this world will keep it for eternal life… And I, When I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all people to myself” (John 12:25-32). Jesus is attempting to simply explain to us that those who never are truly satisfied and forcefully continue in their pursuit of the Truth, are the only ones who will be saved by Him. It also happens to be Catholic teaching that to reach salvation you need to be in marriage with the opposite gender as part of the commitment to treating the conflicts that come in life due to the difference between man and woman.26 Socrates and his wife had open conflict and he even admitted to hating her before being executed but he found solace in it because it was what was best in his mind and heart.27 I choose to believe that the Kings before Jesus, that are described in Greek Mythology; that the Romans used as propaganda to establish the Pax; that then allowed for Christianity to spread under a patriarchy were actually just The old souls that discovered how to listen to their unconscious perfectly and hear the word of God.28 Socrates was the first to do so but still bent towards the Light and claims belief in gods instead of turning to Atheism.29 This theory could explain why they are known to be so drastically human on either ends of the spectrum, as one is controlled by the Prince, the other God. This is why Christ was taught to be King of the Jews and that we must enter the Kingdom through Him. By coming to Earth Jesus was destined to teach man how to teach their flesh to overcome the Spirits inside. Unfortunately this allowed for flesh to take control of the evil spirit too. The reason God set up the patriarchy with the Roman rule was to ensure that the flesh would have more success spreading, hoping for enough to withstand the Prince had spread far enough to overcome him.30 This is now a promise made to all the future Christians. So, you must claim yourself as an individual from this world and so draw your line against the powers above to claim your own Kingdom, so that Jesus may save you- even if it costs you everything. For any of us that are incapable to do so alone you must know that the Church still remains today as a way to teach you how.

Currently the world is under the most drastic times it has seen in a long time.31 To quote Socrates himself from the Apology “I would fain prophesy to you; for I am about to die, and that is the hour in which men are gifted with prophetic power.”32 The entire world around me seems to think the world is ending. Currently fighting authoritative governments in fear of more nuclear war, a new global epidemic has shattered the global economy and before this all started the public was convinced that global warming was going to ruin the Earth within the near future.33 This largely has been contributing to an increased popularity in the idea of ‘fake news’ which was coined during Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. The spread of ‘conspiracy theorists’ has been on the surge.34 Most of these theories have decided to trace the hidden influence to Jewish people, the same who currently commit crimes against humanity in order to protect the Jewish control of Israel.35 Whether or not this is true I don’t think matters. There was a theologic advancement made by Karl Rahner, an Israel philosopher who claims that people can be saved by the justification of Christ without needing to claim to be a Christian.36 I feel forced to agree and It’s the same feeling that inclines me to write this paper. I have been overcome without the knowledge I was ever speaking to the Lord. I am never satisfied; my own parents hated me for criticizing them, but I just felt that I must. I didn’t know it but God was the one who told me to separate and the life I’ve had since my bond first began with him. I feel now that I was born to write this and attempt to explain the controversy that still lasts between the Christians, Jews and Atheists. I am here to say that God is your ‘no’ voice that is trapped within the depths of your unconscious mind. Not only that- but most importantly that anyone of Us can gain the trust in it, as I was not born with it. I believe that the Catholic Church is needed for those who are displeased with their unconscious, as the only ones who don’t just find anger in my truth are the people who have firmly established a relationship with God. Doctor Jordan Peterson talks in a lecture he called “Who Dares Say He Believes in God?”37 The importance is around why he refuses to publicly answer whether or not he believes in God or not. He describes to us The voice Socrates’ claims to have in Plato’s Apology. Dr. Peterson asks the psychology students he teaches that  then simply if they have the same voice. Interestingly enough, his students said yes they do, but also told him they don’t always listen to it. Socrates stated he was shocked the Oracle claimed him the wisest man in Athens because he thought he knew nothing at all. The bible tells us how to gain wisdom in Proverbs 9:10, “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.” Which again, ‘happens’ to be exactly how Socrates described coming to the agreement with the Oracle, “being not unconscious of the enmity which I provoked, and I lamented and feared this: but necessity was laid upon me – the word of God”.38 I believe that the Anonymous Christians are the proof for Atheists to know that it does not matter if they believe in God or not, as the faith behind God is rooted in that he is our acting unconscious. So regardless if you believe in Him as a physical being or not. It does not matter as it is undeniable that our unconscious contains people’s hidden wisdom does not matter to the lot of us; because if you believe still in a higher authority secretly controlling us- you believe in a God- even if you think evil bankers start wars for profit. And just maybe- the Spirit is coming out now as proof to the Jews that man can be saved without direct proof from God. I’m not being told no. I was saved by music that drained my inner demons outside of me and then during my last Herculean labors- which came during this global conflict, I overthrew my last false idol and no longer feel guilty for anything- as all my conflicts came from false denial in my true self. 

“At last I went to the artisans, for I was conscious that I knew nothing at all, as I may say, and I was sure that they knew many fine things; and in this I was not mistaken, for they did know many things of which I was ignorant, and in this they certainly were wiser than I was. But I observed that even the good artisans fell into the same error as the poets; because they were good workmen they thought that they also knew all sorts of high matters, and this defect in them overshadowed their wisdom – therefore I asked myself on behalf of the oracle, whether I would like to be as I was, neither having their knowledge nor their ignorance, or like them in both; and I made answer to myself and the oracle that I was better off as I was.”


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I do not understand how you start off with the goal of convincing atheists (an other) to admit fault and carry on then proceed to write at length about religion. Who is your audience? You will never feel your inspiration truly satiated by doing this.

Well first, just because one is an atheist doesn’t mean he doesn’t have interest in theology. In fact, I would care to bet that they are more interested as they pursue religious answers that don’t have a God figure. The audience is for anyone who has interest in this area. I just want to help others think because talking helps me think too

yeah this entire article is begging the question. author makes a lot of unsubstantiated claims based on their own opinion and bias but assumes they are factually correct. also what the fuck? the passion of the christ? lol.

I think your writing is spot on. I hope to read more from you. I would identify myself as a Christian and as a married woman, i try to help guide my husband and children in knowledge and faith. Our subconcious is what seperates us from the animals. Once you can tap into your subconcious, the devine spirit of god will guide you. Humans today are being controlled by the ego, idols and nothing that truly advances them nor gives them strength. My husband was able to break this in me, by giving me our family early. We had a family right away and as a woman you must sacrafice. Which in this life was my saving grace. God is always there for me when i seek council.

Thanks! I will keep posting, have been slowly learning how to add a mailing list to this website so soon it won’t be too hard to see new pieces 🙂

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