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Righteous Hatred

Can the holy hold hatred? Human nature is inclusive of anger. We need to shed the conception that righteous or holy people do not have anger. Instead of quelling anger in upstanding people we should rather cure them by resolving the source of such anger. The dismissal of anger comes from fear in the spiritually weak and need for comfort. Those will cry out, Jesus said to love, especially to those who are your enemy. The implication of not at times having anger or hatred towards one you love is really not true to our nature. Having anger inside of you is not sin, however ignoring or playing like you have none should be.

“Fools give full vent to their rage but the wise bring calm in the end” (Proverbs 29:11). Many lessons and advice on dealing with our nature are found in the scripture. We are often reminded too of how select men act as suitable examples. Their likeness has been praised among men, because through them we find satisfaction. Inherently, they are different compared to the average person. Guided instinctively from within themselves. They need to act out on these feelings by duty. Our system disrupts this process. We are convinced from schooling that anger or hatred expressed is something worthy of punishment. The correct way to respond only can be nourishing well behaved anger from those who are upright. 

Throughout the Bible we find many warnings about anger. Yet we are also shown it has purpose. We are meant to act quickly on our anger instead of trying to release or suppress it. “Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry” (Ephesians 4:26). Your anger should be resolved in good time so you make peace before it consumes you. “And I was very angry when I heard their cry… I consulted with myself and rebuked their leaders.. And I set a great assembly against them” (Nememiah 5:6-7).

It is clear that righteous men can make great resolutions from the pressure of anger. From Moses who at first broke the tablets in a rage to Jesus who flipped the tables of the money changers. When guided by the light, the strong emotion becomes a tool that enacts justice. Grievances can require immediate action. Some things offend God so greatly that His people are given instant motivation to extinguish the flames. Sin constantly corrupts, so listen to your feelings. The righteous will be motivated by their anger and make good because they are grounded with God.