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“Don’t be like the hypocrites”. A simple message from Jesus from Matthew 6 which concerns taking care in how you present yourself. “For they love to pray standing on street corners to be seen by men”. There is simply no virtue in the pursuit of gaining favor. We are taught by this chapter that ensuring witnesses to your deeds changes the complexion of them. Inversely turning an act of good into an act of evil. The effects thus of doing so would change who gives you your reward for those actions. 

Jesus is discussing for us the distinctive difference in orientation of the mind. Stressing importance on one of light and a direction away from Earthly matters. The hypocrites He speaks of search for favor from men. They do this in order to maintain their position of power. They take much delight in their accumulated wealth amassed from this position. Which Jesus condemns and hints towards being a root problem. “Do not store up treasures on Earth… you cannot serve both God and money”.  The justifications you have which control your actions gives the ability to others to determine where your heart lies.

It should be made important to use these insights to discern the motives of your governing authority. We know that the simplicity in leaders does not actually exist. Just like people, some are full of light, others of darkness. Though through your authority comes the information you are brought up on. They have the greatest capacity to form your views on the world. They love to commit acts publicly proclaimed as good while darkness surrounds them. Be careful of those who proclaim having virtue greater than their opposer. 

When we are discussing authority there are three types of leaders. Defined by their most distinct aspect; the good, the bad and the incompetent. You will come to find that in most cases the good and bad oppose one another. Meanwhile the incompetent always prefer one side and reject the other. This is despite their inability to discern the difference between light and darkness. Therefore the power struggle between the good and bad will be decided by who the incompetent decide to favor. Once the darkness enshrines an incompetent, they become their actions. Swallowed whole by evil. 

The darkness will always play themselves as the light. It will play the unknowing soft lullabies in order to pose as warmth. Their play of the coin comes from the deceiver. Hiding themselves behind the light, so the incompetent are ever confused. Both their hearts and minds are stuck on Earthly matters, instead of looking past them into the beyond. Their needs are immediate. Concerned about the moment makes them vulnerable to deception. Let go of your concerns and no longer be a tool for the hypocrites above you.