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Book- Mind Control

Alexander the Wanderer

This is the third chapter of my book. I don’t think I’ll post another as I want to just work to finish it now, this wasn’t a chapter I originally planned. When I was planning out the now fourth chapter, I just realized that it was an important area and the finds in research were […]

Book- Mind Control Theology

Plato’s Allegory

This is the second working chapter for my first book. https://seanald.ca/first-book-plans/ I think these earlier papers of mine help trace thought surrounding the previous thoughts before this.https://seanald.ca/jesus-the-individual/https://seanald.ca/defending-the-patriarchy/https://seanald.ca/martin-luther-freeing-christians/ Sean CaldwellJuly 17th, 2020Plato’s Allegory Currently in the modern era for some reason despite how religion has the distinct overall purpose of bringing people to the stage of […]