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“Don’t be like the hypocrites”. A simple message from Jesus from Matthew 6 which concerns taking care in how you present yourself. “For they love to pray standing on street corners to be seen by men”. There is simply no virtue in the pursuit of gaining favor. We are taught by this chapter that ensuring […]

Book- Mind Control Theology

Plato’s Allegory

This is the second working chapter for my first book. https://seanald.ca/first-book-plans/ I think these earlier papers of mine help trace thought surrounding the previous thoughts before this.https://seanald.ca/jesus-the-individual/https://seanald.ca/defending-the-patriarchy/https://seanald.ca/martin-luther-freeing-christians/ Sean CaldwellJuly 17th, 2020Plato’s Allegory Currently in the modern era for some reason despite how religion has the distinct overall purpose of bringing people to the stage of […]