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Journal writing

The Pursuit

I was convinced one day by the goings on in my life to begin writing a new idea. In my paper on nihilism I connect with the idea of the empty pit preparing you for more. This will eventually be continued into a greater work.

Since I began speaking for the truth there has been one recurring theme I’ve encountered that is a requirement to bring one into a full understanding. This concept is the requirement to trust in God. There is inconceivable magic that comes your way in the pursuit of a relationship with the creator. In an effort to gain the ability to in a sense, mentor the attempt of finding union I will be attempting to explain how I came to have a personal relationship with the above. There until now has only been a few occasions that have brought me an attempt to explain what convinced me of my transformation. The proof is there, it is self-evident. 

The motivation for requiring faith was a yearning for change. For me, then, the proper place to begin would belong in nothingness. A place with no meaning. Going somewhere without a destination. That’s a place where I lived for some time. Through my time spent there I know that the others who reside there are either in quiet despair or make many noises to cover up their despair. So they all have something in common. A recognition to be made here is that most here have already searched for something else, something beyond the nothing. It is an important distinction of character because many come in a closed mind. You encounter people who reject what they do not yet know. Self convinced through a rudimentary search of meaning guided by false beliefs that were given to them by those that control the world’s collective unconscious. People live in a world where the answers have been hidden. One of our goals must then concern how to address this, their reluctance to what they have already begun ignoring. 

Concerning the shared feeling of despair, recognize how it comes from a root of hopelessness. When you can see the end of the maze you are uplifted, not brought down. The simplest and most successful way of bringing life to the dead is done through an example. Monkey see, monkey do. Accepting these facts of human nature. Being shown a new activity or feat allows for the exploration of doing it on your own. A healthy human given that they have the capabilities of accomplishing an idealized task will find their way to complete it. How many of these people not only know of one who lived in a deep despair but then also have learned the intimate details of how they overcame the struggles to now strive through life?

The catalyst for change that I’m talking about comes from the hero. For our purposes now we will be discussing the connection to the hero instead of what embodies one. The hero is not just what we know from superhero comic movies where a hero comes from having a unique unattainable trait. The hero is one that has weaknesses, despair and growth. They are in a constant search for meaning and are driven only by this. Tragedy is a common feeling, to recognize that one person who encapsulates a state of being that is desired by you but also shares the level of pain you do establishes a connection through our humanity that can never be taken away.

In a world where there is nothing and everything is nothing, having something without a definable value that is also unquantifiable brings you something empowering that can not be removed from you. This will be in your heart and work you without your need of understanding when or how. In essence this will be capable of being a root of strength, given an individual’s willingness to chew on it. 

To wrestle with grief is an action that takes you past nothingness into a more tortuous state of being. This agony however is a requirement to coming to an understanding of truth. The goal here would be learning the meaning of your faults and accepting them as starting points for the future. Inner reflection takes an honest, open heart. A test in patience that will be fruitful in the future. These feelings that bring out despair become empowered when you look at the contrasting ability given when one experiences an extreme aspect of humanity. Through these feelings one begins to feel confident in their own person. Often reassured through recognizing how they have triumphed over their nature.

We look to the hero in this palace of contemplation; those that have experienced both ends of feeling in the spectrum. This is a connection not only to something different but the exact opposite emotions. Connecting the depraved with the honorable. Establishing the acknowledgement that there is a pathway between the deepest pains and the greatest pleasures. 

The act of following in another’s footsteps as a teaching tool must be done here. We will see what drives them out of anguish. Their connection to the above is delicate and purposeful. As Nietzche said “No conqueror believes in chance”. You either believe that there is nothing out there in control of what we cannot master or you work and commit yourself to gaining the favor of what does control our world. Once you begin doing so you will find sustainment you have not felt before.