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Hating the Whites

Something I want to discuss and take a deeper look at is the systematic hatred of white people. This idea is theologically a “progressive” idea, concerning that they are progressing past everything that made our world successful. This is an obvious, essential plan in an orchestrated destruction of the western world; that the progressive side will openly admit to idealizing. Now in order to create hatred for the white man they first had to reinvent what the white man stood for. They unfortunately are our traitors. Those who stood with us, whom we- above all logical conclusions and warnings gave in and accepted them, despite the sins of their father. These few do not call themselves white but are responsible for many of the crimes that “white” people have committed. 

The energy of hatred that has been developing is a fire being stoked by the perpetrators of our past crimes. Our traitors curse our name to virtue their separation from us. Establishing social warfare among the many. Importing every race en masse all while telling these migrants that their problems, the ones that caused them to flee their land, their hardships when they arrive here are due to the cause of the white man and his system because of our pure hatred for their existence. It’s our fault, the casual white man living in the Americas, not them, the only people who still have any capability of conducting mass trauma to the citizens of the world. 

This orchestra plays the same tune constantly on repeat, ‘Oh no! The dangerous white man wants to take over the world and genocide the rest of us.’ How many lives were lost preventing Germany from trying to free their people? How many lives will be lost due to Russia trying to free their people in Ukraine and keep their identity? Too many will be gone forever in a fight that they have no conception of in reality. From this outside perspective it seems certainly ridiculous that an entire people can be convinced of this imagined horror. Though through their control of the named collective unconscious, which to clarify is another way of stating that they have the ability to give narrative to our lives. With this power since the end of the named world wars we have a society that still accepts that only in the last generation the white man attempted to do this. And they accept that this is still one of the main dangers for our modern world. 

Without needing to regard any validity of history or its writers we are capable of witnessing these results from the story. What we are able to witness now is the mass self hatred, convinced hatred. We have established the crime of racial prejudice as the utmost injustice, yet we commit it against ourselves as a hobby. Though in reality we- the white man have been the uniters of mankind to our own detriment. We find this in the goals of our ancient mythology, through the actions of our heroes. Still consistently we pursue this virtue at the expense of ourselves. The empathy and heart we have grown has been pitted against us. We hate our own people for caring about ourselves. A sin of brainwashed destruction. 

The purpose of such seems simple in mind. The utter dismemberment of the only peoples who are capable of overthrowing those who we gave the keys to. The peoples who already have, many times- given up everything in order to remain free from their constraints. Though the control is not necessarily what they are searching for at this time. The answers to understanding are to be found in the scriptures. Do you remember the story of Moses? Do you remember how at a time, God’s hand was forced to act on Earth? What caused this? These are the true desires of the goblins invading our institutions. To force God in their will, to triumph over Him.