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Distractions have submitted the people once again. We in the west, who once flaunted freedom are not free. We have certainly failed Christ. The people have succumbed to the distractions of our invented world. Through our own self reasoning, largely, have we concluded to the point that says we are simply too distracted to act in a manner that could revolutionize ourselves in order to change our state of affairs. Declaring with moral superiority that because we have enslaved ourselves by working in the system that was made to contain us, that there is no time for protesting. No time to sacrifice before our last abilities to liberate our people passes by. Yet still nearly the lot of us remain engaged in the games of our time without being engaged in the chaining of our feet. Ignoring the overwhelming sense of doom looming in our nations. “Revealing our anxiety for two things only, bread and circuses”.

The Satirist Juvenal of the first/second century addressed this commotion that happened previously in Rome. Through his poems he uncovers the internal desire of humans, the pursuit of our own destruction. 

In my studies I have found my ancestors proclaiming freedom as the ultimate virtue. Pericles for instance discussed how the power of freedom has kept them above the strongest of the strong, comparing Athenian excellence to Spartan bravery. A power which at this time cannot be quantified. My inner being fills with joy when I read the words of Pericles. As if I am satisfying a desire that belongs to my heart. Because now, I live with illusionary freedom only. Restrictions have long ago been put in place. No longer are we free to live. Our world has been designed around money, the pursuit of wealth and living in debt, constrained with our time. “The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is slave to the lender” (Proverbs 22:7).

Not every soul is ready to ask, though, once ready we are forced to beg the question, why do our authorities encourage us to suffer lives that are consumed by debt before we have became our own person? 

The programming of our minds is out in the open. Government regulates our schooling from a young age. Social engineering has been implanted for anyone who dissents away from their indoctrination camps. The only place suitable to educate your children is in their hands or your child may turn into anti-socialites. School has been extended into the later years, in order to steal the last formative years as we transition into adulthood. We are instructed, yes instructed and mentored into the idea of incurring upon ourselves debt. The brainwashing proves itself complete because the ones who are processing the encouragement of turning oneself into a product for the ruling class are done by those who previously went through the system. We are instructed by mentors, teachers, coaches and family that it is in our best interest to enslave ourselves further. To put the shackles on our own feet. So that we too may experience the good life and one day too, may be training up good little slaves for the establishment. 

For those that ponder on this, we ask, what do we do about it? Liberate is an old word, yet in our time, it is considered dead. The time for those enslaved to not be capable of ever freeing themselves may come soon. Consider history, consider the heavens. If you are being enslaved by artificial restrictions on your life, with wisdom can you not avoid enslavement? When will you be forced to stand? Are you worthy of being free?